How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

After deciding to spread your Brand Company or cause to Facebook, it may seem like a daunting task to get your page visible, on the endless newsfeed. Attracting more users is not impossible, however! With a few tricks like proper integration, engagement, targeting, advertising or promoting,

Before you start trying to advertise to Facebook users themselves, it is essential to try and convert current customers. Be sure to add your social media tag to your website’s blogs, its main page, to your company emails, mailing lists, advertisements, even letterheads. Offer exclusive discounts to your current customers for just following you on Facebook.

Engage Your followers

A good way of keeping your Facebook page active, is to engage with followers, in a public but personal manner. Promote discussion by asking customers questions, and staying current with relevant trends and news. Offer customer service, and be prepared to use messenger. Customers and Facebook users like knowing there’s a face behind the screen somewhere.

Contests help spread, and maximise user response, by generating buzz and targeting potential customers. Be sure that your posts are both relevant to current customers, and attractive to new followers. Too much promotional will drive away current Facebook followers, but not enough prevents your brand from spreading.

Stay Noticed

Staying noticed on the vast sea of the newsfeed isn’t easy. Posts are often skipped, and there is definite competition for Facebook user’s time. Followers will often miss a post, or skip it, for many reasons. Posts may be too bland, visually offensive, or boring. Worse, posts that are utterly irrelevant to followers may lead to further ones be penalised and receiving less visibility.

If you sell products or offer your service in a town or city, be sure to follow, share, and promote local trends and events. Community spirit goes a long way, even on Facebook, which is a community of its own. Be sure to use a balanced amount of self-promotion and other posts. Too much advertising is a negative on newsfeeds.

Short Posts and Video Length

Short posts, under 200 characters seem to resonate more with Facebook users while scrolling newsfeeds and these ‘hooks’ can be used to attract users to links, to watch videos or share content. Using videos are an excellent way to promote your business on Facebook. As well as traditional video advertisements, use a balance and create exciting and entertaining explainer videos for products and services, and help users directly use your service. Though videos can be longer they should have the important information in the first 15 seconds, before users lose attention.

Facebook Promoting

Promoted posts will allow you to get particular posts visible by thousands of viewers. If your company has the budget to begin a marketing campaign, you can use Facebook tools to share then monitor and analyse posts through their lifetime.  This is good for promotional posts, but you can also use traditional advertisements on Facebook. With Facebook advertising, you can target specific ages, regions, etc.

Aside from advertising, you can promote company announcements, and keystone events. With a call to action, you will have new users browsing your page’s galleries and videos in no time.