How to Promote Your Video on Reddit

How to Promote Your Video on Reddit

Promoting an individual video on Reddit is impractical, if not impossible, without already having an established Reddit presence for your brand. Whether it is a subreddit dedicated to your products, services, and tech support, or an individual user account, answering questions, and engaging other Redditors, you will likely need a team operating your account.

Before you can begin promoting videos on Reddit, you need to know the rules of subreddits, and what you can or cannot post. Most of Reddit’s users frowns on self-promotional videos, and on reddit, you risk being penalised by users for posting content that’s offensive to them. It is critical that your video is unique and relevant.


Be prepared to answer questions, both about your video and brand. Every single engagement chances that your post will be shared or quoted. This also helps build your Reddit profile. With a team, you can actively engage users. Many users have searched and asked for the product or service you are offering. Search for posts like that and suggest your videos.

 A team is essential, to maintain a level of dialogue with users on Reddit, but can be used for other social media as well. A rule of Reddit, and any social media platform is to “be a Redditor first, not a YouTuber sharing content on Reddit.” While this changes slightly when you have an established presence for your company or brand, it is important that your company keeps communicating and helping the community, to build and maintain a positive reputation

Communicate in Reddit AMA’s, asking both questions, perhaps challenge competitors, and by having members of your company answer questions about what it is they, and you do. Generate karma for your companies account, and post in relevant subreddits. Redditors will see your company profile, Karma, and other posts, a good reputation will lead to more users exploring your posts, subreddit, and videos.


Companies can also run paid advertising campaigns through Reddit. Allowing for video, correctly placed and well-executed advertisements can increase traffic to your content, as well as the visibility of your profile. Video advertisements should be short, exciting and informative.

Static ads can be used as well, to direct traffic to your videos. Again, though, it is important that companies engage viewers and include a call to action. Active comments and discussion lead to shares, and memorable experiences. Users will remember if your Reddit account, by association your company or brand, helped them, appreciate it, and talk about it.

On all forms of media, but especially Reddit, explainer videos are popular. They can be attractive, and informative, relatively long compared to most videos, and generate healthy, predictable, discussion. It should be noted that while videos are now seen everywhere on the internet, and social media, that traditional advertising formats are unpopular, and should be avoided whenever possible.

Videos are now disposable, and while having many views and reviews over the years, should be considered a mass product. Don’t be surprised some fail, but continue producing and sharing unique, educational, and entertaining videos to maintain your visibility, authority, and trust. You can always point back to the videos that performed poorly in the future.