How to Promote Your Video on YouTube

How to Promote Your Video on YouTube

Video promotion on YouTube is a multi-tiered project which requires lots of dedication from organisers! YouTube is a deep sea of content, so making your channel stand out can be a struggle. With integration through Facebook and your company’s page, proper naming, keyword targeting, and by frequently publishing content, you can enable your videos to be visible to millions using YouTube’s amazing platform.

Social Media Integration and Engagement

Post your videos on both YouTube and Facebook. Embed your videos on your company’s website and in in blog posts. If you include a call to action in your videos, then viewers will be more likely to begin exploring your channel and other videos. When shared on Facebook, it gets more visibility and creates buzz. Promote your channel and other videos in comments! YouTube videos help blog visibility, and customers who see a YouTube channel on your main page may explore it.

Be sure to engage viewers. Reply to comments, post links to other videos, ask viewers questions. Talk about the content in your video, and how it is relevant to users. Creating discussion means that the subject video will be discussed and shared longer. Explainer videos are an ideal way to reach the social media audience, in a time-sensitive, entertaining, and informative way.

Titles and Keywords

YouTube both ranks highly on Google, one of the most popular search engines, and is a popular search engine in its own right. By using short, accurate, titles you can help your videos become visible to users looking for specific information. At the same time, a video title should be exciting and descriptive, as the title will be the first thing a viewer sees while choosing to watch a video. A proper title will be capitalized and wont use slang, acronyms, or abbreviations, unless targeting a specific audience where they are commonly known, such as engine parts.

Keywords and tagging are also important in maintaining your videos visibility. By using plenty of accurate and commonly used, yet specific keywords, you can ensure that your videos reach your audience more efficiently. Using inaccurate keywords will hurt the search engine rankings for not only that video, but the channel as well. This in turn will affect your visibility and credibility to the public. By doing proper research you can build videos to target specific keywords as well, and follow trends, to maximise visibility.

Frequently Make Content

Not only does constantly adding new content increase your companies returns on search engines, your viewers become build a bond of trust with you. Viewers will often share your channel outright, and new visitors want to see that what they are watching is new and relevant.

Of course, really good videos may be shared for years to come, but by frequently making new videos to add to your channel, at least one a week, you show a level of commitment at reaching your viewers. Also, when you upload new content, subscribers are notified. This increases your long-term visibility, and chances that viewers will explore your channels and videos.

If you offer content that has a replay value, you will see new and old viewers browsing your channel for entertaining or knowledgeable videos, and watching them over and over again!