Why are Explainer Videos so Amazing

Why are Explainer Videos so Amazing

Why are explainer videos so amazing

You may have been hearing and reading significantly about explainer videos. Perhaps you may have even seen a few since they are almost everywhere you look. The reason behind this is that explainer videos are taking the marketing industry by storm. They are one of the best things to happen to marketers and companies using them. This guide goes into detail about why explainer videos are so amazing. If you have not created your own yet, you may change your mind once you read this.

What Explainer Videos Are

Explainer videos are audiovisual ads or videos used by businesses to tell viewers about their brands. They can also explain products and services. In addition, people use them to explain questions about how to use something. One of the things which makes explainer videos so widely used and hugely popular are their effectiveness. They provide answers and insights about any product or service fast and simple. At the same time, the explainer videos capture and engage the audience. The made for websites and companies ads are compelling and potent.

Animated explainer videos are typically the most popular types chosen by companies. However, there are several other formats such as 2D and 3D, Live Action, Whiteboard and ScreenCast. The best part about an explainer video is that they are easy to produce and cost-effective. Moreover, they provide education and information to viewers as they tell the story.

Statistics Behind Explainer Videos

As with anything else, the real proof is in the statistics. When it comes to explainer videos, the stats about them are staggering, unequalled and impressive. For one, over 80% of marketing experts believe explainer videos are an essential part of advertising. They also believe that any website or company which wants to be competitive and thrive, should have one done.

Over 69 percent of the traffic online consist of content done using video. A recent survey showed that more than 90% of people who shopped online, found videos to be essential when it came to helping them make decisions. If that wasn’t impressive enough, over 82% felt that the explainer video was part of the determining factor which resulted in them making a purchase on a product or service.

Another reason marketers love explainer videos is because of their sharing power. People are sharing explainer videos on social media by the millions daily. Since so many online users have mobile devices today, it is a great way to get your product, brand or service recognized and promoted. When it comes to their selling power, explainer videos blow away the competition. They have an astronomical conversion rate.

People who watch an explainer video typically make a purchase 85% of the time after doing so. Companies who were unknown years ago, have become nationally recognized based on a well created explainer video. Part of this effectiveness is the proclivity explainer videos have to clarify the objective of your merchandise. They allow companies to get to the point and tell viewers about their product in a concise and clear manner.

The propensity of explainer videos to increase interest in your particular brand, service or merchandise is also extraordinary. For companies who are online, traffic is an essential part of their success. In some cases, it can make or break a business. Explainer videos will significantly help increase the amount of traffic you can receive. They can go viral in an instant via social media sharing and other venues. If that wasn’t enough, explainer videos also help your website rank better in search engines. Part of search engine’s algorithm to rank pages well is based on how long people stay on your site. Explainer videos keep visitors for longer periods of time on a site.

Companies and businesses should also keep in mind that most people rather watch videos when using the internet. At the same time, audiovisuals can have a higher impact on individuals when it comes to how they retain information. Those that read or only heard something typically stored 10% of that info. However, when the same information was done using an explainer video, the viewer retainment stats went up as high as 50%.

Explainer videos will also aid in increasing your brands awareness and reputation. These are key elements in today’s online world when it comes to shoppers. The same for those looking for information about a product or service. Since more than 70% of online users watch videos, having one is a key element to your company. Clearly, the potency and effectiveness of explainer videos cannot be denied or ignored. You can find out more about getting an explainer video done by visiting sites such as SquareShip. They are a well respected video production company. Programs and software to help you create your own explainer videos are also another option. Based on all these statistics and facts, perhaps the time for getting your explainer video done is today.   Check out more explainer videos on SquareShip: https://squareship.com/explainer/